Marcusenius Kaninginii, A New Species Of Elephantfish From The Lowa River Basin, Democratic Republic Of The Congo (Osteoglossiformes: Mormyridae)


Marcusenius kaninginii, a new Marcusenius species with eight large circumpeduncular scales, is described from the Lowa River, a right bank tributary of the Lualaba (Upper Congo basin). It is distinguished from all other Marcusenius species with eight circumpeduncular scales by the following unique combination of characters: 43-47 lateral line scales; 18-23 dorsal-fin rays; 27-30 anal-fin rays; 42-44 vertebrae; a relatively shallow body at the anterior base of the anal fin (depth 25.0-28.6 % SL); a deep caudal peduncle (39-57 % of caudal peduncle length); and a short pectoral fin (15.5-19.1 % SL). Additionally, it has a typical dark-brown body coloration with a black transversal bar between the anterior parts of the dorsal and anal fins, and a black horizontal band along the lateral line from just behind the opercle up to the transversal bar.